Obvisously not enough ram to run ZFS. You’ll get unpredictable performance as the blocks are ready from the different disks with different caches. By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of service , privacy policy and cookie policy , and that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. I haven’t been able to find a 8 port rosewill to replace the rc card. As someone who’s been watching acceleration technologies and remembers things like PrestoServe with annoyance and disgust, I have to say there’s something nice about just throwing RAM, SSD, and cheap disk at the issue and watching it go away

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I don’t think I have any more of the ‘s in stock, we mostly use the ‘s these days for PCI.

Therefore, I don’t need to wear a seatbelt, right? WHO 1 ville, Unixland. I have a gigabyte m68mt-2sp motherboard with an AMD phenom x2 3. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google.

Please enlighten us as to how this is relevant.

I’ve learned from both of you and I’m making progress and moving forward. May 29, Messages: Maybe, if you find yourself on the side of being wrong.


I’m well known in the FreeBSD community for disk related stuff. Sign up using Email and Password. You’ll get unpredictable performance as the blocks are ready from the different disks with different caches. We run a lot of traffic through ‘s though.

3ware S-8 Specs – CNET

Obvisously not enough ram to run ZFS. I’m well known as the primary 3wxre behind Diablo, the Usenet news package used by numerous service providers, who compete with each other on how many petabytes of storage they currently offer. I mean, geez, read the forums. I called 3ware, they said the firmware is the latest there is. I get paid for results.

That’s kind of the idea. For a FreeNAS deployment, the majority of users are free to pick and choose their hardware.

I 99500s to mention that I still persist that make and model should be the same as well.

3ware 9500s -12

Post as a guest Name. Even if you don’t, it isn’t that unusual to find that your storage vendor was decent enough to use drives sourced from two or more batches in building your array, which would appear to be tacit acknowledgment that using all one drive from a single batch is a really bad idea. Or perhaps I’m uninformed, Network Appliance’s uninformed, Google’s uninformed, FreeNAS users are uninformed, and you’re here to enlighten us as to how our ways are stupid and we’re wrong to buy a mix of drives so that it’s easier for us to.


Thanks for the tip. Does anybody knows if spare disks connected to a 3Ware s controller will be spinning although not being used? According to the technical support, hot spare designated disks will spin although not being used. I might have to just give up and get a 12 port 3wareorbut I’m concerned that if the 12 port s isn’t compatible with this motherboard, maybe a new one won’t be either?

Your competitors thank you too. I have 5 seagate 2 TB drives. Yes, my password is: I’m installing freenas 8.

But I don’t get paid to sit on my rear and take it easy. This is really looking like it would be a big kludge, a motherboard controller and two additional but differant controllers. The ‘s used to work really nicely with FreeBSD.