But, I reminded myself at this point in the evaluation, it’s cheap. Apr 24, , And you can download a video converter that’s much better than the one that comes with the camera. Originally Posted by BrianL Why did you create another thread? Good things about the interface: There’s also a very quiet high pitched beeper – or maybe the eDVR just has unusually noisy circuitry.

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Press again, video mode. The camera takes a leisurely 15 seconds to power up, from the time you press the Mode button.

No matter; it’s over 25fps, and that’s fine. Well, fairly functional; it likes to hard-delete source files not send them to the Recycle Bin It looks like Yet Another Flash Drive with a lens and a couple of buttons on the back, and indeed that’s how it works, too Edbr the Mode button once, and you cycle through to audio clip mode.

5 In 1 Edvr Webcam Driver – Internal Hardware

If you don’t care about the size, though, you can just edvf with STVCodec. Even one second is quite long enough for you to think the picture’s done and lower your hand, resulting in a masterful diagonally blurred ln the footpath. WMV encoding isn’t garbage; it’s not easy to play on non-Windows platforms, sure, and it’s not the ideal format if you want to seek back and forth through a video clip, but as a final output format it’s acceptable for little low quality clips like this. Please PM me if you’re interested.


Both played fine, but the second one must have been padded with unnecessary data.

USB 5 in 1 eDVR

But hang on, I hear you ask. It also has a couple of LEDs, which shine out from the hole to the left of the viewfinder; they’re orange and green, kn very bright, and they, fortunately, aren’t on all the time. Mar 01, Apr 26, It’s obviously just copying the data straight through. The only flaw is when I glued the casing back together, you can kind of see that it was opened up. Indoors at night you’ll be waiting something in the order of three seconds for it to take a still shot after you press the button.

The buttons aren’t in a dumb place. That wouldn’t be so bad, except the auto power off delay is only 30 seconds.

No LCD image review screen, no multi-button control panel. Posted 06 July – It’s cheap enough that you won’t weep if you auger in and lose edvrr well, you might weep, but not for the camera in particularit’s feather-light, and five minutes of video is quite enough for a model aircraft to do some interesting stuff.


Sunrich Technology eDVR digital camera

That’s all you get. You can’t just go click-click on the Mode button to switch from still photo mode to video mode for instance.

STJ, even if you move everything off the camera after file So what’s the catch? But, I reminded myself at this point in the evaluation, it’s cheap. Consider the above to be foreshadowing. Anything that can fly outdoors should be able to loft the eDVR with no trouble at all.

eDVR 5 in 1 USB spy camera camcorder airplane rc ST LAB $50 – RC Groups

I can accept that. Now, there’s not a lot you can do with a two-button, two-digit, two-LED pipe between device and user.

You currently have javascript disabled. Welcome to BleepingComputera free community where people like yourself come together to discuss and learn how to use their computers. So it’s impossible to just put it in audio or video mode and wait for the thing you want to record; after seven seconds it’ll be back in still mode, and 30 seconds after that it’ll turn itself off. But they’re only by