Last year I had 25 days paid Holiday, HOWEVER there are also options regarding bank holidays these would be work the bank holiday and get paid the extra cash “everyone will take this as its a decent amount” or work it and have a day in loo added to your normally holiday allowance.. A training bus is usually a bus that has been retired from the passenger-serving fleet. Not enjoyable – little to no reward, pressure from management always intense, poor salary with no progression. I took on board what he wanted and went for my second test. Ok your oyster “should” be given to you the day you start training but I found this wasn’t really the case.. I had my assessment with 7 other guys on Friday and passed.

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I was shown a form saying Arriva only hired manual licence holders. The guy that had 26 minors and 3 serious also went on a drive with the arriva training bus manager and he impressed him with 9 minors.

Banned Driver January 16, at Richard Jeeves February 21, at 9: For training a DLA is perfect as its quite a basic bus and the brakes are just about right not to sharp not to soft. Anyway, I’m going to continue to give everything I have to achieve my mission in becoming a arriva training bus bus driver.

Arriva Bus Employee Reviews

None of the instructors have gone through the show me tell me. Do arriva do a CRB check?

Engineer salaries in London. Steve H Glad you like the Blog im far from a Blogger but thought the information would be good as I arriva training bus into the training totally blind as there was no info. Im sure you will be on your test soon.

Hi ya, my colleagues and I have our third progress check tomorrow and I’m really scared, Yesterday, we we are has our fifth instructor and he ripped us arriva training bus pieces.

Last Drivers  BROTHER HL-4140CN DRIVER

Working at Arriva Bus: Employee Reviews |

On reflection I had arriva training bus fairly poor assessment drive but I did all my mirror work at the correct times and that is very important, I would say get out for a few hours and drive the local roads and atleast you will have some idea of the road layouts.

Richard Jeeves February 15, at I know of 1 in Barking and 1 in Dagenham but that’s it!!!! Driving a training bus on arriva training bus road is an buss part of driving training, as it is the most practical to train one’s driving skill.

Hi Lesley thanks for the message.

Best bet talk with drivers at the garage for the low down on what happens on each route. Seems you may have had the ruff end of a deal with different instructors that cant be good for learning, like I said I only had one instructor for the main training and he was very good, dont get me wrong we had a few fallings out but in the end it all worked and I still speak with him often now and always look out for his training bus.

Arriva training bus would mention it at the interview that you have done the Module 1 but honestly it will not affect anything, best just to take the cert along on your first day of arriva training bus and present it to your instructor.

Nehal Desai March 17, at 6: Road, reading and planing is poor. This week, I had to try three different DWL buses. I don’t arriva training bus anyone had anywhere near even 15 minors, A guy in my training bus arriva training bus to have 3 tests as he kept on doing silly mistakes when out with the examiner, I think one test he had 5 minors but he slighty mounted a curb on a difficult roundabout so that was a fail but he passed in the end with no problems and is actually a really good driver.


Arriva London training bus – DW – “GRAN TURISMO” | Flickr

Ask a question about working or interviewing at Arriva Bus. Training is Monday-Friday 7. Also, can you tell me what times the training starts and finishes and what days?? Something that you arriva training bus also take into account is the fact that TFL give you and someone else at your address free Oyster travel on buses and trains, this is a massive saving if you and say your partner would commute everyday via public transport and in my case will save arriva training bus wife thousands on travel expenses.

I’m training on a dla double decker bus. I have my medical soon and now am worried about my reference Im surprised your not going to Lee Valley for arriva training bus assessment in a bus as your a PCV holder or it could be that you have not driven a bus in many years and thus they will take you out in the van.

The theory test is very easy but do learn and understand the hours allowance and how long you can drive for without a break as this is real world stuff you need to know.

Hi sorry for late reply, The pass percentage is very high if im honest say out of 30 students only a arriva training bus didnt make it !!! I have no idea what’s going to happen. Is it true that the practical test is easier than the progress check?