Unread post Sat Dec 31, The first time you fire up POTH you will need to choose a telescope driver. The nine pin lead connecting the Star Book to the Sphinx is straight through with all pins connected. As for the N, S, W, E it looks to be a common problem for all vixen drivers They are not using the GoTo command, and this is reason to see this behavior. Select Sphinx from the pulldown list. You made mention of a update comming out and also updates to people who help support the driver program This site was designed with the.

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A few things come to mind when using APT: Although by no means exhaustive, I have attempted to draw together many of the frequently sphjnx questions and the generally agreed solutions. Star Book automatically steps down as it approaches target. Ascom 2X Mount Adaptor Paramount, etc.

Shoestring Astronomy Support

Even if most of the time beeing under a quite persistent cloud layer, I am progressing quite a bit in astrofotography and lately decided to move over to a notebook having long life batteries for an up ascpm 8 hours use. In this case you will need an available network port on your Hub or Switch and a normal network cable. I will try the connection again once qscom RJ12 cable from Shoestring arrives.

Last Drivers  VEN 1106 DEV 3106 DRIVER DOWNLOAD

Despite touting a database of 2. This is mostly useful if you lose connectivity and want to reconnect but allow the mount to continue tracking. If asocm works as expected then the Sphinx driver is properly configured. It replaced our trusty Celestron C8 that was stolen.

The filter also needs to be cut to size and one filter should be enough to cover more than one Star Book display which may help defer the cost. Unread post Mon Feb 13, 2: I sphind wonder why it should be impossible to stop the sidereal tracking. Doug Anderson Shoestring Astronomy http: Most users have complained about the Star Book display being too bright even on the lowest brightness settings.

This is mostly useful for testing new scripts.

Vixen Sphinx – Shoestring Astronomy Support

Jun 28th, by Peter Enzerink. Features are limited, and asfom detection may be unreliable requires adjustment of encoder resolution. Decimal minutes in RA were not correctly converted in non English versions of Microsoft Windows resulting in a rounding error. Vixen Sphinx external link Driver for the Vixen Sphinx mounts. I appreciate your help very much. Major rewrite of network interface code to support setting properties on Star Ascok and improve reliability of responses.

ASCOM Star Book Driver

Assuming the IP address is correct and a network connection can be establised to the Sphinx, the status should change to Okay and many of the fields will be shaded bright green. Rework code for network connection to not rely on setup dialog. My name is Ryosuke Kikuchi. One particularly tantalising feature is the ability to communicate with the Sphinx via a network interface.


Hi I have a Starbook and would like to know if I load your driver will it wipe out the original driver in the Starbook and will the Starbook work with The Sky version 5. You can try changing that while guiding but there was no obvious way to do this programatically. Home now works correctly. The SynScan Hand Controller version must be 3. Although Vixen and resellers try to charge for this not Vixen America you should strongly argue that the Star Book is pretty useless without it.

This may cause the setup dialog to appear underneath some badly behaved applications. I am awaiting a RJ 12 cable from Shoestring in the meantime. You can find this by pressing the Ascoom button on the Star Book then scrolling? Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Exception occurred message in APT