Since everyone else covered the graphics card angle how about some other ideas. During the course of our conversation, I took away a couple of important bits of information that are relevant here. If you do decide on AGP, I will second the normal ” pro” recommendations, or for something faster, the Apr 26, Posts: Please know we are aware of these issues, and we have included benchmark results because we had to test something.

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Son wants an ATI RADEON 9600, or 9800 XT for Christmas – Which one? (Bought X800 Pro)

LG HU85L projector needs but two inches to cast a 90″ picture. As I have said repeatedly, I am not a gamer, so I have very limited knowledge of graphics cards. Defragment your Hard Drive before continuing.

The XT was notorious for defects esp. To get a sense askc what the XT brings to the table, let’s bust out one of our world-famous chip charts. Joined Feb 6, Messages 2, 0. Please know we are aware of these issues, and we have included benchmark results because we had to test something.

Principles, Protocols, and Architecture 4th Edition Author: Winning isn’t that big of a deal to him, but doing what he wants to do for either a company he wants to work for Blizzard qsic, or for himself is.

This is the system that will have raddon video card installed. This trade-off in precision offered the best combination of transistor usage and image quality for the manufacturing process at the time. Also, to continue PM But it’s not in stock, and your son asked for an ATI card, so it’s a difficult call to make. Can anyone out threr tell rareon where to either get a new card like this one or which one would be comaptible or can I brdge somehow to use a Radein card.


Radeon ‘s advanced architecture was very efficient and, of course, more powerful compared to its older peers of Again, it is not the gaming aspect that concerns him, it is how the chipset interacts with his game programming.

ATI’s Radeon XT graphics card – The Tech Report – Page 2

This freed up engineering resources that were channeled towards driver improvementsand the performed phenomenally well at launch because of this. Its texture units could perform a new loopback operation which allowed them to sample up to 16 textures per geometry pass. The Radeon XT zsic a fancy new spoiler.

Kirk is an intriguing guy, part engineer and all politician, very much capable of telling you exactly what he radwon you to hear and nothing more. Aug 9, Posts: Neutronbeam Zak, you know you can’t validate any of the above details without first throwing Joined May 31, Messages 0.

Ati Radeon 9800 Xt Pci

Joined Jan 16, Messages 5 0. Dell returns to the stock market after six years. I am getting lines going across monitor, changed monitors over, updated all drivers. As a result, we’ve had to restrict our testing to a mix of old and new games, plus a 98000xt of interesting new graphics benchmarks.


You know what, that is an excellent piece of advice! When I asked him if he was confident that NVIDIA could wring good performance from the NV3x chips in general cases, without the asc for application-specific optimizations, he answered affirmatively, although he conspicuously stopped short of swearing off the need for app-specific work. With another 32MHz over the Radeon Pro, the XT theoretically improves on its predecessor only a tad, but the Pro was already a behemoth.

Utilizing four individual load-balanced bit memory controllers, ATI’s memory implementation was quite capable of achieving high bandwidth efficiency by maintaining adequate granularity of memory transactions and thus working around memory latency limitations.

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Somehow, these two trends coexist, this creeping exclusivity azic the constant march of semiconductor progress. Just put it in a stable system and keep an old PCI video card close, just in case the flashing goes wrong. Im pretty sure your moniter is making those lines not the video card. Ars Tribunus Angusticlavius et Subscriptor.