I just noticed today that there is a newer BIOS out for the board – “”. For the Marvell SATA driver, I would suspect it to be wrongly put on the page of this board, sorry for the inconvenience. Want to add to the discussion? Any extra files are more likely patches and workarounds for the outstanding problems that still exist. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. I had the following results.

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Hello Already posted in this thread Hello Praz.: Oh and btw, If you made changes recently to you OS you could try a system restore.

Saturday, November 19, You also state you have the latest Bios update, So how did you update?. See forum announcement for more information on where to post general questions about Windows 8.

Has of now the problem seems a lot better then before, who ihstall blame both Intel and ASUS, there’s just one little thing in the Even Viewer with ACPI Warning about some driver, sad thing it’s installed even read the same problem on their forums and it still pops up ever now and then.

Iam still having this errors in event log Hello Read Nodens post. Maximus VII Formula, same issue here. I think it is related. I think an RMA would not resolve the problem.


With fifteen pages of people reporting the same problem and they point there finger at Microsoft. Since I do not use turbo I did not continue anyway. Read my threads and you will find why. Either 5 or 30 secs is not much of a choice and I reset this to 15 secs.


They’re all from the same branch in device manager I’ve installed the latest chipset drivers from Intel, and all compatible lenovo drivers as well. I came home tonight and formatted the drive again and installed Windows 7. Remove From My Forums. I have euite drives spread across the two sata suitf and can confirm it is not the controller.

I tried your route for the disc install with the error “Can’t find AsusSetup. I’ve just read here and other places that those warnings are nothing to be worried about. I put in MB disk in I’ve learned to embrace it, actually, as I realized it gives me a nice harmless indicator in my event log of whenever I have rebooted my system.

I installed it with mobo software, but never use it anyway. Do Windows Update and get through the first or so updates and reboot. I seem to have fixed the issue. Can we see the light yet. Aii have it now on a completely clean install. Unfortunately until now absolutely no helpful advises received, besides the “re-install your api and “RMA your board” Funny thing is that in my particular case, besides the fact that i think PC boot time is affected and event log looks ugly everything else is working rock solid.


[SOLVED] Windows update can’t install ATK ACPI [Archive] – Overclockers Forums

In regedit delete the following to stop the process. If fqiled, then I wouldn’t worry about event viewer logs about bios communications that have to do with a program that you know was meant to access the bios. After reading all these aai, basically fast boot is having compatibility issues and not working correctly on some asus boards. Eliminating every bug or error code is impossible. I am seeing the exact same errors coming up in my system logs too.

I plan on checking the pins for the sound card over the weekend. I am not sure if Suitee have to deal with it or leave it as it is. I had started to go down that route before your post with some success but was then waylaid by other things.