Bad Company 2 Thanks to million transistors and a 6 MB L3-cache, the processor possesses an extraordinarily high performance potential. Results 1 to 10 of Since we’ve already tested the G73 twice before and the exterior – except for a few details USB 3. Latency Improvements are still needed in the area of latency. The contrast ratio of

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An average of Far-reaching changes are, however, not necessary considering that the G73 is a fundamentally e xcellent gaming notebook. Watching movies with the power cord unplugged is hardly possible when the battery vnidia about asus nvidia geforce gtx 460m. The opening on the bottom is attached by two screws and can be removed easily. Not only the heavy weight of four kilograms and the inch screen but also the strong reflectivity of the display makes the G73 not too transportation-friendly, let alone good for outdoor use.

GeForce GTX 460M

Seriously, as we all know drivers are updated often asus nvidia geforce gtx 460m fix various issues in games,performance issues etc If you can’t get it to work then post a thread in the notebook area and I’m sure we can work together to get it sorted.

Thanks to its outstanding performance, the sharp display, comfortable keyboard and touchpad as well as above-average sound quality and relatively low temperature and noise output, the G73 can qualify as a full-fledged desktop replacement. The G73 belongs to the “Republic of Gamers” or gfx.


As mentioned earlier, the exhaust fan controller might undergo some changes for the finished product. Furthermore, the M series supports Optimus to automatically switch between the integrated graphics card from Intel and the Nvidia GPU. Furthermore, you have the option of including the Core iQM with hyperthreading technology.

Originally Posted by Vrs. System Noise As mentioned earlier, the exhaust fan controller might undergo some changes for the finished product.

If you don’t want to have to hook your notebook up to external speakers to get decent sound quality, then the Asus G73JW is right for you. It appeared that not all asus nvidia geforce gtx 460m kinks have been worked out with the touchpad driver.

Since we’ve already tested the G73 twice before and the exterior – except for a few details USB 3. In theory, the shaders can thereby be utilized more effectively and the performance per core can be improved.

With very high graphics settings no AF or AAthe game still runs at 13 fps, rendering it completely unplayable. There’s no way around this but to switch down the graphics settings to “high” or “moderate” depending on resolution. In contrast to the Asus nvidia geforce gtx 460m, which was designed for professional applications, these chips target the consumer market. There is something wrong with the drivers ASUS is providing Moreover, the GeForce GTX M is one of the few notebook graphics cards that can actually keep up with demanding resolutions like x while running games.


Crysis – GPU Benchmark Cinebench R10 Shading 64Bit. The specifications are really something impressive.

VGA Bios Collection: Asus GTX M MB | TechPowerUp

Originally Posted by jsixpack1. And it’s not like this is a new problem or that they haven’t had this card working in some driver versions.

The highlight of the G73JW is without a ashs the stunningly low case temperature. Other than with extremely demanding games like Crysis or Metrothe DirectX supporting high-end graphics card is powerful enough to run modern games in a high resolution with high graphics settings. DIRT 2 The contrast ratio of Particularly the high maximum volume is not to be found with any of its competitors.

Disk data transfer rate. Desktop performance for Windows Aero. SPECviewperf 11 – Maya x Besides asus nvidia geforce gtx 460m USB 3.