BitCom will then dial the outside number and wait for a second tone before it dials a phone number. No warning was given about the system reboot so be sure to save any open documents. This is done to ensure that what you see on your screen is what BitWare sends as a fax. Each log records when and where each fax was sent to or received from, the status of each transmission, the number of pages, and other details. What should I do about the recommendations the faxback sheet makes? Enhance the readability of faxes using antialiasing, which smooths the appearance of text and graphics.

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We recommend you use speakerphone mode in data mode for best results. To select the modem connection type using a Rockwell RPI supported modem: You will also have to set your fax software to automatically receive faxes. Groups are displayed in a separate window and may be selected in a similar manner. In the Command Line text-entry box, type: For macro name, type SendFax and click OK.

For a company mailbox list, press 3 and pound. Forward or resend faxes.

BitWare Print Monitor Removal – Remove BitWare Print Monitor Easily!

This problem can pinter solved manually by deleting all registry keys and files connected with BitWare Print Monitor, removing it from starup list and unregistering all corresponding DLLs. Select the type of mailbox that you want this mailbox to be. If a call comes in, Call Waiting will briefly cut off all sound and then beep.


Use a text editor to edit bihware BitWare. The Output as Fax Doc In Host Mode, BitCom can answer an incoming call and establish a data connection with another computer. The Private Data window appears: Group related Fax documents into separate Fax-ondemand mailboxes. This tells the service where to send the result report back to. Also, you might check the playback volume in Voice System Setup.

BitWare for Windows User Guide 2. Forwards received faxes automatically to a specified destination. If the problem persists, do the following: Download the file modems.

Select faxes to print and view. Method 2 for placing outgoing calls 1. Change the default transmission method 1.

Generally each Bitware screen encompassed a single function, however, all options required for that function were on screen or just a mouse click away. For example, when you want to receive a file, you can simply click the Receive File button, instead of pulling down printed Action Menu and choosing the Receive Fileā€¦ command.


The Send command is also automatic. BitWare Print Monitor removal tools are mostly treated on Windows system.

Users may create several phone books, though only one may be selected at a time. If your system still crashes during Auto-Detection, you must either have a COM port conflict, or other hardware related problems. In most cases, this setting will work since most bitwaee are Hayes-compatible.

If the modem only reports Phase B errors and drops carrier when using Distinctive Ring from within Bitware, please do the following applies to Diamond Voice 56VE modems only: There may be valid files with the same names in your system.

Online BitWare v3.3 for Windows User Guide

The following instructions detail how to retrieve your faxes. First, you must set your fax software so that the Station ID is correct.

Select Open from Mailbox in the Voice Manager.