Make sure is set default at x , 2. Provide connections for different network through LAN or Internet to remote one or multi systems. Please check whether the image quality had been set to its highest position. Snapshot does not have auto-circulate function. When installing driver ChateauX, the messages When this message comes up, click the browse button and select D: Hardware type watchdog function.

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Adjustable compression quality and recording frames for better efficiency. Files for the locked cameras can be search rapidly.

To avoid it, we recommend you to keep the Chateau program logout all the time on pc site for each time there have someone via mobile phone to remote access Chateau s PC then Chateau program will ask user to login again to entry it. Snapshot at recording, monitoring, remote access and playback. This stable structure with the clever anti-crush design is to give you the safest protection.

Chateau System is down dhateau few days recording.

Please see whether you had make changes to the preset file setting, so the system cannot find the files for circulate recording.


Hard disk space availability.

Vguard DVR Card (VG8C-RT4)

Search by alarm triggered mode or alarm mode. Normal Recording mode, Recycle recording mode, program recording mode.

Please check whether the function is ticked 2. By of Chateau program itself password permissions set to limit the mobile phone user s operation. Direct printing of the clip. Please check whether you had ticked monitor function only. Why I can not activate sound recording function.

Vguard Vg8c Xp Tv Driver – freesfriendly11’s blog

You can also preset point functions, Cruise functions and Auto Pan Functions. Please check whether you can select for the microphone in the voice recording selection under the sound control selection in Windows. Subscribed unsubscribe Subscribe Subscribe. This will cause the turning of the Speed Dome.

China Vguard DVR Card (VG8C-RT4) – China Dvr Card, Cctv Dvr

Maximum of fps for 16 channels. Why the recording time can last only 1 2weeks. If you have snapshot function ticked, it will take a great amount of spaces in the hard disk.

Under Recording and Monitoring mode and Monitoring mode, automatic enlargement of 1 vv8c-rt4 each time for better monitoring. Please check the driver for your VGA card is up to date. Snapshot does not have auto-circulate function. Standard 2 channels audio in RCA jack. Please check whether your sound card is compatible to Creative 5.


Remote access and record the live image from the other host system and the remote site can also record images. Vguard vg4c-xp-v driver You engulf at the two of you. When installing driver ChateauX, the messages When this message comes up, click the browse button and select D: The most stability of the working system.

Can vary the brightness, Contrast, Saturation and Hue of the images. Snapshot can be print with chatau, time, taken place, and camera chatau. Please check whether the driver for the Vguard board is installed successfully.

The signal did not fully received due to the slow connecting speed.