A cathode follower sitting on top of a choke? Two power supplies are required: Did I like the result? The better choice might be to use a pentode, such as the EF86, in place of the 12AX7. For indirectly heated tubes, Schottky diodes are used to eliminate the reverse recovery spike which causes the power transformer to ring ultrasonically, adding a bit of glare to the sound , and an RC filter is used to reduce the charging current peak for the same reason. I’m sure you could charge double and still have happy customers.

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Let’s start with the maximum peak current swing into the external load impedance, so the top triode is fully on and the bottom triode fully off. Just imagine the phalanx of tubes, the heft of iron, the warm glow of tube glory, the smile on your ears Csthode input triode’s plate resistance and resistor Ra1 define a two-resistor voltage divider. Well, rather than go vertical and upside-down, we can go horizontal.

Or we might try something along the following lines: Conversely, if the ohm resistor saw a smaller voltage drop, the PNP MJE transistor would sharply decrease its conduction, which would collapse the voltage on the 2. This solution makes a lot of sense, as the cathode follower offers a gain close to unity and a low output impedance. Let’s start with the peak positive current swing, when the top triode is fully engaged and the bottom triode falls out of the equations, as the bottom triode is cutoff completely.


In the case of a cathode follower.

cathode-follower output stage design part-3

Long Beach Public Library Ebooks. Stereo and mono, octal and 9-pin printed circuit boards available. A cathode follower sitting on top of a choke? Other than by building up the circuit and measuring the results? caghode

Amp Chokes, Cathode Followers, and other Maplifier Questions

Constant current only for small load currents, though: I received the Aikido PCB today – thank you for the first rate shipping speed. Alternatively, we could use two output transformers.

I’m sure you could charge double and still have happy customers. Tube crossovers are a major part of this program; both buffered and un-buffered tube based filters along with mono-polar and bipolar power supply topologies are covered. Virginia Trimble once said in a lecture, pointing to a region of a state diagram for some astrophysical system, “Over here ofllower equations of state go soft.

Choke Cathode Follower Driver | softtoti

Finally, if the same power toob responds differently in individual circuits, what are some follwoer guidelines as to why this is so? Assume that the bottom triode’s grid sees a negative voltage low enough to turn off the triode’s current conduction entirely. The more think about this approach, the more I like it, as it quickly shows the maximum peak positive and negative current swings into the external load impedance. I am sure that they sell themselves short.


For those of you who still have old computers running Cathhode XP bit or any other Windows bit OS, I have setup the download availability of my old vathode standards: I had some time to experiment with the cathode follower amp. I certainly sounded powerful, very powerful. The reason we anticipate success is because of nick’s driver design.

Sun Jun 19, 8: This means as the bottom triode pulls up, the top triode lets go and its plate resistor pulls up as well. A stronger CRC filter would r educe the ripple further, but at the price of increased peak charging currents which we fololwer are a worse problem. Join the HC Newsletter. For example, a 6AS7 offers a low plate resistance of about ohms, while a triode-connected EL34 offers about 1. Probably so, but says that we need two high-voltage secondaries.

Or you see them as output stage of a HiFi preamp, to improove cable driving capability. The Triadtron circuit exploits a feature of transistors: Now 6 years later while building a cheap but excessive 6em7 botanchor I discovere the problem.

One resistor shared across all four a’s and to carry all their filament current.