The Dell cn postscript printer drivers work now. They print faster, have higher resolution, print in color, duplex, and produce much less heat. Widespread Centurylink Outage this morning This entire task may take a while, depending on the size of selected drivers as well as the output mode. If so then what method did you use to install it to the computer? See what version it is that you downloaded and put on the USB stick.

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Edit – You are using this as a network printer, correct? RightHere Premium Member join: I need Windows The drivers should be available through the Windows Update option either directly or by updating your printer database.

Just choose the or bit version from the dropdown. It comes in handy if you plan to reinstall Windows or update the drives but are unsure whether the new versions insfallation stable or not. It is only necessary to point out the destination directory along with the file mode – structured folder, archive, or a single, self-executable file.

Dell 3100cn Color Laser Printer User Manual: Installing A Memory Card

If I manually change the printer to postscript do think the printer driver will load? The Dell cn postscript printer drivers work now. Double Driver analyzes your system and lists the most important driver details such as version, date, provider, etc. As part of the print process it will download the printer drivers from the sharing machine.


This sure is a lot of trouble. I did notice only the postscript driver is listed. Dell cn Color Laser Printer. Win10 did have working drivers at the beginning as they were built in. Connect to it with the third and print a job.

Or how do I transfer the printers? Here is where we are with Dell cn printer drivers. If the printer has no drivers then it show as an “unknown device” and have a yellow exclamation mark on it.

Dell cn Printer Driver – Microsoft | DSLReports Forums

By pressing ‘print’ button you will print only current page. I get an error now when I load the built-in Dell cn printer drivers in later versions of Windows My printer is a heavy duty color inwtallation printer that works well. Did you try the utility that SzipSizzurp mentioned–see: I don’t expect to see support in the next version of Windows after Win Windows 10 should find the drivers. Portability benefits As there lnstallation no installation involved, you can extract the app directory in any part of the hard disk and just click the executable to run Double Driver.


With Windows 10 being such a loose cannon it is hard to know how to advise you on how to re-work it. Clear-cut interface with straightforward options The GUI is user-friendly. Do you really expect Microsoft, or anyone else, to update drivers for a printer that was released 14 years ago?

Then instruct Instalation to search that folder for the driver, with the “Search Sub Folders” option selected. SipSizzurp Premium Member Aug 8: There is also the possibility to save it to a removable storage unit to keep the backups safe and run the program on any PC directly, without any previous installers. The 2 Win10 machines that had the Dell printer divers installed installatin the first iteration of Win10 still work even after all the Win10 updates.

Does this sound like the best solution? You are talking about a very old printer. Back up, restore and print drivers, scan remote PCs All or just selected drivers can be saved to a backup file.