I ran across this problem as well. Was this review helpful? Feb 19, Messages: While recording trip logs, Tru-Traffic doesn’t like these long gaps. We haven’t confirmed that the problems are identical to the ones I had, but everything we could compare sounded perfectly consistent. Reply to this review Was this review helpful?

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Select the Port Settings tab. My XP still works! Jeff Duda Resident meteorological expert. I’m not sure where the problem is, driver, software,? Forums

The Delorme Serial Emulator is a POS end of story, as there aren’t very many people that have anything good to say about that crapware. Also, you can download pre-recorded trip logs from the Garmin GPS receiver. I had a Globalsat BU recommended to me and it works great. Their experience suggests that these are very accurate and work fairly well, but they might be a bit cumbersome for this purpose in getting all the cables connected in the right way and porting the various components needed.

Hey Gerard, If you follow through this thread from start to finish there are options here to help you resolve your issue. I’m having a mess of problems, i had to install the driver for Vista that came on the CD.


They’re on the Tru-Traffic Order Form merely as a convenience. I had many more problematic gaps with the Magellan than I did with the Garmin. Uusb is a software based serial port emulator that allows USB GPS devices to communicate with two or more applications at one time. Sep 7, Delorem Gerard, Let’s try to take one step at a time here. DeLorme has opted to not support any version of Windows 7 32 or 64 bit.

I have used this configuration with a Sony Laptop and have had no problems of any kind. Some GPS receivers double as GPS data loggers; they can record their own trip logs “tracks”which gives you options:. The new computer had Win7 installed.

DeLorme has made quite clear to me that they have no intention of updating or continuing support of the emulator. Mar 22, Messages: Win 7 refuses to install it under any method.

Eventually, it all starts to work again, and it’s generally pretty reliable, but this is enough of a nuisance that I have to qualify my recommendation. I have bluetooth on my laptop and know that’s working.

How to setup the Delorme Earthmate USB-to-Serial for NetStumbler : NetStumbler

Promote cracked software, or other illegal content. It will ask you seial install either the native Delorme drivers, or the Serial drivers. Again everything works well in SA. We must distinguish a humble GPS Receiver from full fledged GPS Navigation System, the sort of device you’d put in your car to find addresses and give you driving directions.


Delorme LT (USB) & Windows 7 (64 Bit)?

Select OK again, and get out of Device Manager. Unfortunately, the XP machine was old enough that it simply couldn’t accurately handle the speed requirements. Cut off the small end. I set the DeLorme Serial Emulator 1. Install battery cover and you are done. Some of them work fine as GPS data loggers, and some work also connected through Franson’s GpsGate directly to Tru-Traffic for monitoring “here” and “now” in your arterial timings diagrams, but some of the recent models are unsuitable for either purpose, and I can no longer keep track of which ones serve us well and which ones don’t.