Binaries and libraries produced with the new hashing function are incompatible with older glibc and dynamic linker releases. A default package listing such as rpm -qa might appear to include duplicate packages, since the architecture is not displayed. Any third-party modules compiled for httpd 2. For more information, refer to the Fedora Project website at http: This section covers any specific information you may need to know about Fedora Core and the PPC hardware platform.

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The i intel support was via userspace modesetting rather than kms with i and newer, so adam killed off this very old and often buggy intel igp support.

I have an optimus nvidia gpu geforce m on an intel graphic board on a fedora 24 64bit machine. The new SELinux project pages have troubleshooting tips, explanations, and pointers to documentation and references. These helpers should be converted to udev rules. Graphics issues with Intel G Graphics Adapter.

Intel i810 driver linux fedora

Previous Fedora releases included the slocate versions of these programs. Additional packages are available through the Fedora Extras repository.

Anthony Green beat writer. Fedora Core 6 includes version 2. If you feel these release notes could be improved in any way, you can provide your feedback directly to the beat writers. This option runs the Memtest86 standalone memory testing software in place of Anaconda. To do this, you must edit the kernel Makefile. Fedora now provides ckre easy interface to switch the input methods using fedorra. The only hardware configured by default in the xorg. My laptop has onboard intel graphics and fedora just works, including the 3d special effects in compiz.


Please note that this driver does not support the gmafound in various atombased designs a listing of known laptop graphics chips can be found at code table may be out of date.

Fedora Core 6 Update: xorg-xdrv-ifc6 []

It is now possible to move SELinux policies into individual packages, making it easier for users to ship site-specific policy customizations when required.

This tends to happen more often with OpenGL animated screensavers provided within the xscreensaver-gl-extras package, when used with poorly-supported video hardware.

The SSA code optimizer is now included and brings with it better constant propagation, partial redundancy elimination, load and store code motion, strength reduction, dead storage elimination, better detection of unreachable code, and tail recursion by accumulation. Any distribution using the current officially-exported kernel headers would be the same. Details of confined domains: To try out enrollment and verification, run: XFreedevel xorg-xdevel to satisfy build dependencies must now individually list each library dependency.


Every library has its own private source RPM package, which creates a runtime binary subpackage and a -devel subpackage.

The system-config-mouse configuration utility has been dropped in this release because synaptic and three-button mouse configuration is handled automatically.

Pawel Sadowski translator – Polish. Fedora Legacy – Community Maintenance Project To create fedpra exploded source tree from this file, perform the following steps:. How do you install intel proprietary drivers on mint.

The updatedb command is not compatible, and custom scripts that use updatedb may have to be updated. See Bluetooth on Fedora Core 4.

Fedora Core 6 Update: xorg-x11-drv-i810-1.6.5-10.fc6

Games and Entertainment Karsten Wade beat writer, editor, co-publisher. Do Not Build Packages as Super-user Building packages as the superuser is inherently dangerous and is not required, even for the kernel.

Revision History Revision 6. If your software truly does depend on the X. Kernel device, module loading, and hotplug changes 7.