Video composition Data courtesy CompuBench. For the Mudbox tests, each card was evaluated in two different ways. However, I imagine that when we start to see some production-ready OpenCL and DirectCompute apps, the performance differences between the V and V will become more apparent: The FirePro V takes seventh, and the V brings up the rear at number eight. Amd Firepro S Server Graphics. Home Search amd firepro v I would have liked to include some GPGPU benchmarks in this review, but until we have appropriate software in which to perform the tests, it seems better to hold off.

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This website is using cookies. Graphicz connects directly to our online store. Overall verdict Before I sign off, I want to give my overall impressions of each of the new FirePro cards. Specs for the V are as follows: Face detection Data courtesy CompuBench. The world of 3D GPUs has, since its inception, consisted of two main categories: Remember that I said earlier that pro cards have more on-board RAM?

The latter viewpoint is evident in the fact that GPU-renderers are currently mainly used for previs and animatic work, while the final-quality rendering is relinquished to the software renderers. You plug them all into your V or V and… hey, check it out: In The News From around the web.

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Battlefield 3, Battlefield 4, Bioshock Infinite and 32 more. The most appealing aspect of the V is the ability to drive four displays from a single card, with little to no slowdown when running multiple 3D apps across the four monitors.


The card performs quite well, as long as the content you are working on does not exceed the 1GB of on-board RAM, but once it does, performance degrades significantly. Some have embraced this technology as the future of rendering, while others simply do not feel that GPU renderers cannot live up to their CPU-based counterparts in terms of output quality. HP direpro, Autodesk, Evermotion. However, its performance does drop significantly when heavier scenes are loaded, and when shader-intensive tasks are being performed.

In conclusion AMD has quite v800 powerful line-up of professional graphics cards, from high-end monsters all the way down to firrepro entry-level contenders. When placing orders for bulk quantities we highly recommend to contact us to get precise availability information before placing your order. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. Benchmarks Real world tests of the unknown. Stay up to date with the latest news and deals!

Having graphjcs single-slot layout is beneficial for those who wish to stack multiple cards to drive many displays, or for more GPGPU compute power. The biggest difference is that the V can drive four monitors, while the V can only run three.

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FirePro W, Maximum resolution: Also of note is gralhics fact that when running a three-monitor set-up, the V slows down noticeably when running more than one 3D application: The potential of this technology is exciting, and we are just starting to see applications that make use of it. Again, the V leads the V, although the difference in performance is relatively small. Unified Shader Architecture Intelligent management of computation resources enables real-time rendering of complex and realistic images AutoDetect Technology With many popular applications, as a user moves between applications, or opens new ones, the graphics driver settings are automatically configured for maximum performance Full bit Display Pipeline Full bit display pipeline producing more than one billion colors bit per RGB component for more accurate color reproduction and superior visual fidelity 1 High Dynamic Range HDR Rendering Up to Bit per RGB color component enables a wider spectrum of color creating natural lighting and shading effects Multi-View Display With a DVI output and DisplayPort output, Multi-View enables two 3D firepo with independent display resolution, refresh rate, and display rotation settings Full Shader Model 5.


For the Mudbox tests, each card was evaluated in two different ways. The V comes in third. The current line-up of FirePros offers excellent performance and a set of features that makes the cards stand out from their competitors.

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In addition, processing of special order products may take significantly more time up to weeks due to availability reasons, therefore separate return policy applies to all special order products. With a DVI output and DisplayPort grapjics, Multi-View enables two 3D displays with independent display resolution, refresh rate, and display rotation settings. Also, look out for this icon to see what offers come from international shops.

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