Riding in the rain on the Lost Coast. I’m sure the gps has to sense a signal – some voltage across some pins – to generate that message. I then tried snapping the automobile mounting cradle onto the back of the GPS and plugging the mini-USB plug into the port on the cradle. Yet the connector ‘posts’ on the front are the same configuration as on the car mount, and I have to believe that some signal on some of those posts on the car mount come from the usb port on the back of the car mount. Instead, it has decided to completely stop connecting to the computer; I have a support ticket opened with Garmin to see if they can do anything about it. I hooked mine up last night and it does the same thing. Last edited by Bob Ledford; at

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Apr 30, Oddometer: From that site I could do whatever I wanted on all my garmins.

Thanks again for all the suggestions. Then happens times in the zu,o of a minute or two. Then once every 5 minutes. In another thread I recall that when Garmin was called, they referred the customer to BRP because of the proprietary relationship between the two. 606 what I understand, you can only connect and charge it when connected to the inside port.


We head back home and I mount the Zumo when we take off in the morning.

Once you get things going, you can try again Second, most USB devices need some kind of device driver installed to be fully functionnal. You did not mention that you bought the lifetime maps. I’ll take a photo gqrmin add to this post. Don I had the same issue. Make sure the battery is charged, the battery will charge while plugged directly into the USB of the computer but the battery as to have enough initial juice to boot.

I think you have to register the serial number of your Garmin first.

Garmin: USB Drivers Updates & Downloads

I’m going to test if I can charge it but not connect it via USB via the first port not the one inside. When I plug the to PC the splash screen comes on but that is as far as it goes. He had me speak to the service manager who said he’d be glad to check out the GPS unit any time garmni was convenient for me, so I said “How about this afternoon?

A couple of things to try. You must log in or sign up to reply here. Thanks, -ceej PS I believe that the usb port on the Zumo mounts are for attaching devices that provide traffic information.


Updates & Downloads

It became a tennis match. Then half hour fine, followed by more messages, i. Originally Posted by Winni-Laker.

Log in or Join. I did discover that the usb plug on the cable harness had ‘moved itself’ to a position where it certainly was possible that it had gotten damp if not wet. The screws connect the RAM ball mount in the back.

Zumo 660 USB cable error

I would recommend you download and install the Garmin software from the web. Mine is a MacBook Pro. Originally Posted by Double Trouble. Garmins response was helpful “look things over and find ubs what isn’t waterproof”.

Why is this time different? The results while not fatal haven’t made me an overly happy camper.

Instead, it has decided to completely stop connecting to the computer; I have a support ticket opened with Garmin to see if uab can do anything about it. Where the GPS mounts, i. Try to reboot after the installation.

Jan 14, Oddometer: