Many professionals often play a fade. How do you know where in your stance to position the ball? As you begin following these steps, and move closer to consistently crushing shots straight down the middle, use these divots as a performance marker. Europe wins sixth straight home Ryder Cup. If this is the case, sure, aim left. Simulators, golf domes, practice nets or even at home just feeling the correct swing movements all offer many opportunities to improve your golf game. The most common cause of a slice is an outside-in swing path.

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Watch Tiger, Phil have fun taunting each other. That all changed when I discovered this simple anti-slice drill and started smashing my drives! What we want to do is to avoid starting your downswing from outside the ideal swing path. Though it may initially feel uncomfortable, it will force you to keep your club on a better swing path throughout the backswing, allowing you to swing straight through the line of the ball on your downswing and follow through.

Relive the top Ryder Cup moments in history. The more you understand why your swing is creating a slice, the closer you’ll be to how to cure a slice with a how to fix it.

Learn how to woth transfer your weight during your golf swing.

The Golf Fix: Eliminate your slice

A great drill to practice releasing the club happens to be skice pretty enjoyable one: Fortunately, there are simple solutions that you can use to fix your slice. Hank shares a very simple fo to why most golfers how to cure a slice with a and how to easily feel a better golf swing sequence to fix your slice and hit longer straighter drives. Many top players have that as their go-to shot ohw entire careers, including Lee Trevino, Jack Nicklaus and John Daly. This is because your release occurred too late.

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This means that through the initial part of your downswing, your club is outside the line of the ball or further away from you than it should be. We all know the feeling: To combat this issue, rotate your left hand clockwise until you can see three of its knuckles.

A how to cure a slice with a mistake amateur golfers make is to transfer their weight onto their back foot during the backswing, and leave it there through the downswing and follow-through. This movement will impart left to right spin on the ball, while the excessively steep downswing will send the ball much higher than you zlice it, resulting in a loss of both control and distance.

Hold a towel between your right elbow and body throughout your swing. Take an old club to a dlice open space, preferably with no people around. For most chronic slicers, a number of these problems will be applicable.

It’s OK to hit a fade, King said.

Fix Your Slice With This Great Drill From Hank Haney – Golf Muskoka

If this is the case, sure, aim left. Of all the causes of a slice, this is perhaps the most simple one to notice. And instead of knowing how to fix their slice, they usually make it worse by trying to overcompensate in the wrong direction.


Please enable JavaScript in your browser. Top 10 Ryder Cup shots 36 critical putts. The farther left you aim, the more the ball seems to want to wind up going right. witj

Looking back at Europe’s home dominance. The 4th step to eliminating your slice comes before you swing. This 3-part drill from Hank will re-route your swing and get you perhaps even hitting draws.

These 7 simple steps will show you how to fix your slice and start hitting straighter golf shots. Then do it again, and again, and again, until it feels natural.

How To Fix A Slice: 7 Simple Steps To A Beautiful Ball Flight

Imitate your normal swing, however as you feel your right hand and forearm rotate over the left, let go how to cure a slice with a the club completely. For most new golfers, the first frustration to overcome is usually how to make consistent contact with the ball. Maybe your best shots still fade a little — so be it. Transferring your hw during a golf swing is a relatively simple concept, yet many players are not doing it correctly.

A common response for golfers who regularly slice their drives is to aim left.