When Moka went one step too far, it was customary she apologized for it. The white robed man continued to smile as if he was telling her the lastest gossip. Issa asked Tsukune how he felt after hearing that he wasn’t just close to Moka, but also some of the other girls. And Moka, stupid girl she was, discarded him in favor of chasing after some imaginary perfection. And you are seriously expecting of me to take care of the both of you, raise the proof of your adultery in my house? The group discovers the wanted poster of Tsukune and Issa claims that it’s his and reveals himself to be an assassin to kill Tsukune. Even breathing was hard now, as if he were inhaling little shards, instead of the half-tepid air, and instead of a heart, he felt as if he carried a painful mess in the middle of his chest.

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How shall I put this….

What did she matter? According to Touhou FuhaiAkasha’s tender-hearted nature could also be a drawback.

Akasha Bloodriver | The United Organization Toons Heroes Wiki | FANDOM powered by Wikia

Tsukuna and Moka were perceived as a perfect, if slightly weird pair, after all. He smiled creeply as if amused about something as if he were about to surprise her with something he said. She is now working for me. I loved you with a fire red, Now it’s turnin’ blue Touhou Fuhai explains that the Shuzen bloofriver is probably the most fearsome place in all of Japan due to the high number of vampires who live there. shuzeen


Once in her home land she took Tsukune to a field of snowwhites and took off her clothes and attempted to seduce him into giving her a child so she would not be forced to marry someone she did not love. And even if Tsukune had theposition of Issa’s son-in-law, the newlywed pair was still faced with some difficulties while moving in vampire society. Your review has been posted. At least he gave Tsukune some respect, because of the mention from epilogue, he claimed he was once polygamist l We must make sure that Tsukune makes a good impression on mother.

Seriously, even if I appreciate Tsukune’s unofficial harem, there was a red-eyed, silver-haired male candy of a vampire just waiting to snatch the boy for himself, and I fullfilled his wish.

She didn’t agree, threatened me to find someone more compatible with her demands and then proceeded to realize her threat.

He has courage coming here and shuzeen mother and father.

Rosario + Vampire!

Now in an unusal move by Tsukune he asked Moka to spare her life and it was after that, that the succubus in question proclaimed Tsukune to be her Mate of Fate and the only one worthy of giving her a child to save her dying race. To save Moka, Akasha gave her life to activate the seal, placing the fake personality Outer Moka in place of her daughter, and was subsequently absorbed into Alucard to “seal him from the inside”.

She had been his everything, his heart of hearts.

Fascinated, Tsukune gently touched the fragile bloom, his fingertips gliding lightly on the outermost side of the velvety softness of the petal. Just as he opened his mouth to protest, Issa-san interrupted him again. When he is warned of the possible threat of intruders, he merely brushes it aside, believing it to be yet another attempt to try to kill him.


She made her bloofriver . Beside her, Issa made a small sound Akasha didn’t know how to interpret.

Apologize Chapter 1, a rosario + vampire fanfic | FanFiction

The Exorcist ignored her question as he smiled wickedly enjoying his friends distress. Moka stumbled, bloodriber face paling even more. So as I was saying the boy Tsukune he isn’t a pedophile is he?

The man sighed as he looked at the clammed-up youth. It was the third day since the And then the steps stopped as a person sat beside him on the bench. Retrieved from ” http: Elegant silver eyebrow twitching, Issa placed a hand on Tsukune’s shoulder. The roses were displaying their beautiful booodriver in bountiful cascades – red, orange, white and pink, with all the shades in between.

It was as if the entire episode was some kind of a bizarre dream. He points out to Tsukune that Outer Moka’s soul should still be inside of his daughter, that is if Tsukune still thinks of her since Issa believes that Tsukune was in love with Moka’s Outer personality, which is not true.

They might get the wrong idea….