Postings are free for hobbyists. Just my 2 cents worth of opinion Originally they had ‘s on them, which got replaced with ‘s. I was planning to put the ‘s with the ‘s on top and get everything in a single mid-high cabinet, however I dont want to put a lot of effort into making my mids sound nice up front, only to find that the highs are not really cutting it. Hi Hey there Kevin and welcome to the LH forum. Back to home page. I spent some time tweaking it when I front loaded my bass cabs 20 years ago – although at the time, my main priority was SPL.

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Plus, they are old school and look kinda cool. But unlike the ‘s, I havent been able conpression find any info on what the frequency response for the is supposed to be. Estimated on or before Mon.


Hello – I have a question about extending the upper range of some drivers. Originally they had ‘s on them, which got replaced with ‘s.

These days I still take the PA on the compressuon now and then, and occasionally run it hard — but mostly it stays in my basement as a practice PA, in-house PA for parties, and oversized stereo system. If it gives you the amount of HF you are looking for then get another 16 ohm diaphragm. Years since I had my mitts on any mind you. I never checked the specs on the until about a week ago and was surprised to find that they were only rated to about 12K with the original phenolics.

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I would expect that the diaphram would make most of the difference in HF response, but dont know for sure. Without re-hashing an old topic, have any of the aftermarket mfgs notably stepped up their game in the past 5 years?

Oct 29, If I can fly them, that should help even more. Blu-Ray 1 Blu-Ray movies. What you’ll get A business profile Dealer listing and icon See more.

JBL Model 2461 16ω High-frequency Driver for Reapir

Searching this forum, I saw there was a fairly big debate on the forum about 5 years ago on factory vs aftermarket diaphragms. Before installing them in the club, we retrofitted the horn drivers with diaphragms, which definitely extended the high frequency extension.

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Does anyone have experience with this? With drivers on them I always found myself giving them eq very similar to a CD horn in order for them to sound nice. I may be wrong.

If it is not as loud as you want you may need the 8 ohm ones. Delivery times may vary, especially during compressiln periods. Read more about the condition.

Extending HF of drivers w/ diaphrams?

I havent been able to find any plots of the horns with a full range driver. I’m not entirely sure that 2 x 10 is the way to go here.

In this scenario the mentioned will play great throughout the range and will not sound honky at all even in a conventional box. Watch list is full. Compressuon 25 years, new diaphragms probably wouldnt hurt either. Too harsh up close. Thats still high enough to not stress the HF driver in PA use but takes better advantage of the horns’ abilities. I have never run any of the 1″ drivers below 2.


So I’m hoping that I can do something similar with the mids and highs and get better accuracy from the same components by building new cabinets that are better designed for the application. Also, does compressioon HF response of the diaphram degrade over time ie after 25 years, would there be any benefit to getting new diaphrams to improve HF response — even comression the existing ones seem to be working fine?

I’ve got two pairs of EVMB’s in ported front loaded cabinets on the bottom, crossed at hz, so I dont really need the low frequency response of a driver like the Forum Permissions You cannot post new topics in this forum You cannot reply to topics in this forum You cannot copression your posts in this forum You cannot edit your posts in this forum You cannot create polls in this forum 24611 cannot vote in polls in this forum.