At that time nothing was a problem because there were only analog devices available. As an Empia Technology employee, Markus has access to the relevant data sheets and is, thus, well placed to write a fully-functional driver. Back then Greg Kroah pointed out that binary drivers could use that interface, it was accepted because he basically didn’t clash with another developer. So, there’s no sense on accepting those duplicated drivers. Both upstream and the 4 duplicated drivers have similar functionality. Reality is probably a bit more complex though.

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Best would be to replace you as a maintainer since you don’t have any respect of others work either.

The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov ,inux, 6: If you are abusing developers’s and users’s trust it becomes suddenly much harder to integrate code in kernel.

The article mentions the confusion factor of having two similar drivers. The approach aimed to have some compatibility level to the available BSD tuning modules.

How to configure the Linux kernel/drivers/media/video/em28xx

Given that, one might well wonder why Markus Rechberger’s recently submitted “empia” driver series is encountering so much resistance. Mauro doesn’t explain his reason for not wanting both.

So it is not entirely surprising that this driver has not been received with a great deal of rm28xx. They fight for at least three years now and they still don’t have a useful infrastructure to support DVB-S2 devices. Some time, some sociologist may want to use that material in a thesis about group dynamics in open source development Messages to me from Markus threatening to take his code closed-source if he didn’t get his way didn’t exactly encourage me to support it either.


That seems to be the opposite of the open source process. This will be my last comment about everything unless someone starts to think clear about the whole situation. That’s non sequitur to me.

CONFIG_VIDEO_EM28XX: Empia EM28xx USB video capture support

Ok I acknowledge that is what’s wanted and how it should be done. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 12, 0: Well, Marcus’ userspace stuff was rejected, due to a duplicating existing code in a way that’d make life difficult for developers and b the only real “benefit” being the ability to have closed-source blobs in drivers. At that stage device node locking, preventing dvb appications to use the nodes while analog TV was in use was already implemented, and I also worked out alot other PCI devices some are still not merged with mainline.

So now the userspace stuff comes in thinking about how to open up that project again so that work can be used with the existing kernel. Another point here could be what is a kernelspace driver worth which requires firmware and doesn’t come with firmware.

Linux source code: drivers/media/video/em28xx/em28xx-video.c (v) – Bootlin

Here we have again one guy against a supposed “clique” of kernel developers. The whole issues at that time gave him the opportunity to work on his own stuff even more to let linyx existing em28xx code left behind.


The tone of the discussion is, perhaps, best seen from this note sent to Video4Linux maintainer Mauro Carvalho Chehab: So it would seem that everybody’s interests are served by getting those drivers into the mainline tree. The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 16, Posted Nov 17, It also eventually lead to some nice libux cleanups.

The sad story of the em28xx driver Posted Nov 12, 9: Until now I have seen no attempts to make these changes, alas. This review notwithstanding, Mauro has indicated that he is not interested in accepting this patch.

Posted Nov 13, If the code doesn’t get maintained and becomes unusable, we just drop it back out.

It can do some setup steps which the API currently cannot handle. It’s all a very sad story, especially compared em82xx the success stories in v4l in the recent years: Posted Nov 20, I don’t want to own the em28xx driver, I would like to maintain it since I did that for 3 years already, accepting useful patches giving reviews etc.