Drive Board Connector Locations Transformer – Secondary Side Knife Drive Board Connector J5 Bi-cell Sensor Replacement Figure 1 – 2. Cn 10 Board Interface

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Appendix E Knife Assembly Replacing A Sensor Platen Motor Removal Control Board Assembly Cn 6 Transformer Output Power Transformer – Secondary Side Flash Faults – Chapter 3 Troubleshooting Peel Module Assembly Checking Supply Quality Serial Loop Back Test Supply Holder Assembly Ribbon Spool Assembly Removal Chapter 5 Tests And Adjustments Replace Dc Motor Replacing Transport Assembly Replace Control Board Control Panel Assembly Peel Module Removal Drive Board Replacement Knife Drive Board Connector J3 Transformer – Primary Side Tag Cut Dimensions Replace Stacker Sensors Lower Supply Guide Removal Table 1 – 1 Daughter Board Dip Switches Evaluation Of Communications Chapter 2 Functional Description Bi-cell Emitter Removal Bi-cell Sensor Adjustment Knife Lubrication Points Power Transformer Assembly Evaluation Of Error Daughter Board Connectors Analyzing Failure During Power Up