Toshiba got a lot right with this, including the design, the input devices, the size, and even the price. Various internet researches have shown that the manufacturer hasn’t promised too much. Every manufacturer has supplemented their product range in the meantime. However, due to the reflective TruBrite display, the presented colors are saturated and bright. Otherwise, the case shows only a few weaknesses. The NB is one of the better looking netbooks out there thanks to a few simple design choices, the use of a very cool looking chiclet keyboard, and a way of feeling thinner than it actually is 1 to 1. It’s a great deal slimmer, measuring a mere 25mm thick, and our model sports a rather fetching copper-coloured finish on the lid.

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This might be sufficient in quiet rooms, but the NB could be drowned acoustically outdoors or in a slightly louder surroundings. Another minor annoyance is that the ethernet toshiba nb200-10g is very close to the front of the toshiba nb200-10g left side. Line pattern of the NB The included three cell battery helps Toshiba’s Yoshiba netbook of toshiba nb200-10g 2 nd generation in the BatteryEater Reader’s test minimum brightness, maximum energy savings mechanisms, WLAN off to minutes nb20-10g, correlating to a good four hours and 45 minutes.

Toshiba hasn’t only gone the extra mile in view of the NB looks, but workmanship and stability could convince usas well. toshiba nb200-10g

Don’t show this again. Our toshiba nb200-10g candidate scored and points in the Cinebench Rendering test toshiba nb200-10g single core and multicore. Toshiba sells the NB under various names specific to country. As to the connectivity, the NB has, netbook typicallyonly the absolute necessary.


Even if barely anything has happened with the hardware configuration, the jump toshiba nb200-10g the NB to the NB is, already from the external overall impression, very visible. The temperature on the back side is somewhat higher with Toshiba unleashes their toshiba nb200-10g netbook generation on customers.

Toshiba nb200-10g NB presents itself in idle ng200-10g, as well as under toshiba nb200-10g, from its best side in regards to system noise. Aside from the significantly longer runtime and the additional configuration with Bluetooth 2.

The NB as well as the Dynabook UX, don’t only vary in color, but apparently also have a different keyboard with a different, and in our opinion better, keyboard layout, particularly in the cursor keys’ field. By Sal Cangeloso As quiet as the operating noise of the NB may be, the maximum toshiba nb200-10g of the built-in loudspeakers is also comparable with it. The display tshiba is still recognizable when sitting on the balcony in the shade, but reflections do prevail obviously.

You could almost think that our test candidate lacks a fan. The NB ‘s computing performance is ensured by an Intel N processor toshiba nb200-10g a single core clock of 1. With a total weight toshiba nb200-10g merely 1.

Toshiba NB review: Toshiba NB – CNET

One the big selling points to the nb is its isolated, or chiclet-style, keyboard. The newly upgraded Razer Blade is the perfect laptop for undercover gaming. The question, if the Toshiba NB can even be considered to be the NB ‘s heir, as the implemented hardware of both models are by and large conform, or if it’s simply a refresh of the NB with toshiba nb200-10g larger display and altered look, toshiba nb200-10g to be seen.


Best Laptops for A large flaw of the NB is, unfortunately, the strongly reflective display. Stuttering graphics during video should be expected, but any slow-downs while using Windows XP can be quite annoying. Our test report is limited to only the model in Cosmic Black, the NBwhich has been made toshiba nb200-10g to us.

Toshiba NBG specifications

The touchpad has, on the contrary, nothing to be criticized. The mouse substitute, striking through the diagonal line toshiba nb200-10g and smooth surface, reacts quite well to our input.

Regular display readjusting is necessary to prevent darkening and color changes, after changing positions, for instance. Even if the case is merely made toshiba nb200-10g plasticit toshiba nb200-10g away point pressure in the area of the wrist rests without further ado.

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Please share our article, every link counts! Even if there’s little been done in view of hardware, Toshiba has really gone the extra toshiba nb200-10g in regards to optic and design – and we think with success.

An in-house hard disk with the label MKGSX with a working velocity of revolutions per minute and a gross capacity of GB is used for toshiba nb200-10g mass storage device. Toshiba shows almost too good intentions here, but as the saying goes: