The CPU’s base clock is 2. Subjectively, we found black quite saturated providing that the ideal vertical viewing angle was found. The cover allows accessing the hard drive, memory slots one empty , and the motherboard battery. The scores of the 3DMark However, the touchpad annoyed us during the test due to an occasional, non-reproducible freezing of the mouse cursor.

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The high maximum clock of 3. Please share our toshibaa, every link counts! The screen sahellite Toshiba’s laptop covers When the toshiba satellite c55 a is mirrored in the screen, barely anything can be recognized even in maximum brightness. Except for the glossy black surfaces, the Toshiba is quite resistant against fingerprints, which are only noticed toshiba satellite c55 a certain lighting conditions.

The configuration follows the minimum of its category and includes only the bare necessities. We would have wished for a larger touchpad with better keys. Toshiba places most interfaces on the right front where cords and peripherals, such as USB flash drives, might prove to be interfering.

However, low toshiba satellite c55 a are only characterized by a kind of click noise. It can also be used on the lap toxhiba the heat is discharged from the casing’s side. This disaster could partly be due to a defect of our review sample. Instruments are generally difficult to identify and both dynamics and the impression of surround sound is absent. There is simply no audible sound below approximately Hz! For the original German review, see here.


Enough power for current games in medium to high settings not to mention MS Office applications. They simulate a wide range toshiba satellite c55 a applications and operation scenarios, and sometimes even demand toshiba satellite c55 a graphics unit. When the review sample is compared with other multimedia laptops featuring the same screen size, the consumption rates are located in the better third in both a deactivated state and in standby.

The number pad also features standard-sized keys. The DVD drive is in the front left area and its eject button is difficult to find.

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Keyboard The keyboard’s layout largely corresponds to that of a desktop keyboard, only that its flat black keys primarily feature a spongy pressure point toshiba satellite c55 a will soon let the user call for an external unit.

There is no need for adapters because the interfaces on Toshiba’s CA-1D5 are all full-sized. Toshiba’s Satellite CA-1D5 is no exception. They produce a sound that does not allow a differentiated analysis.

Quality journalism is made possible by advertising. CPU Single 64Bit sort by value.


Review Toshiba Satellite CA-1D5 Notebook – Reviews

We intentionally show more ads when an adblocker is used. Bright light from the back should be avoided because working is otherwise agonizing.

This could be a display error without impact on toshiba satellite c55 a real runtime, but it should be mentioned in any case. Toshiba’s laptop reaches full power even on the go in battery mode.

Satellite CA Support | Toshiba

The blue FN key has to be pressed additionally to use the assignments as known from other keyboards. The clock remains stable at 3 GHz when both cores are loaded.

It is not exactly versatile but does a good job in its field and will certainly satisfy buyers who can live with the shortcomings. Approximately two hours and 20 minutes were achieved in the little-energy-sapping Wi-Fi test. Shogun 2 46 37 13 fps Battlefield 3 However, it toshiba satellite c55 a shortcomings in ergonomics, build and, above all, battery runtime.